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Phoenix Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

At the R. J. Peters & Associates law firm in Phoenix, Arizona, we focus all our work on family law. If you need a lawyer who can represent you and protect your interests, if you have questions about family law, be assured that we are ready to assist you.

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  • Divorce: We can explain the process and your rights.
  • Legal Separation: For some couples, this is the preferred option.
  • Annulment: Is there a reason the marriage should be nullified?
  • Paternity: Establishing paternity is important for the child and the parents.
  • Custody/Visitation: The best interests of the child are paramount in decisions about custody and parenting time.
  • Child Support: How do Arizona guidelines affect your rights and obligations?
  • Spousal Maintenance: Will alimony be a part of your divorce judgment?
  • Property and Debt Division: Arizona is a community property state; marital property and debt are divided fairly.
  • Temporary Orders: While a divorce is pending, how will custody, support, ongoing finances and other important issues be handled?
  • Grandparents' Rights: If you are a grandparent, do you have visitation rights? If a grandparent is pressuring you for access to your child, what rights do you have?
  • Domestic Violence: If your safety is threatened, call 911 (if the threat is immediate). We can also talk with you about legal options available to you.
  • Premarital Agreements: Make sure you have the same expectations about your marriage.
  • Postmarital Agreements: There are sometimes very good reasons to reach agreements on marital topics even after marriage.
  • Modifications/Enforcement: When circumstances change, there may be a need to change the judgment.
  • Non-Parent Custody: When the parents cannot care for a child, is there another relative who can?
  • Adoption/Guardianship: We can help you with the adoption process.

We take sides at the R. J. Peters & Associates law firm. This is an important concept that we do not take lightly. Settlement of the difficult issues which arise in family law matters is always an important effort, but not always possible. We focus on fighting for our clients whether in settlement efforts or in litigation. Our only business is family law. From our office located near downtown Phoenix, we represent clients in Maricopa County and throughout Arizona.

Free half-hour consultation. Major credit cards accepted.

“We take sides at the R. J. Peters & Associates law firm and it's always your side. Our only business is family law. From our office in Phoenix, we represent clients in Maricopa County and throughout Arizona.”

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