Addressing Contempt and Incorrect Spousal Support Payments

Addressing Contempt and Incorrect Spousal Support Payments

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The Question:

I’m facing a frustrating situation where my ex-spouse was held in contempt by the court for not paying spousal support. Although he showed proof of payment to the judge, he intentionally made the check out to the wrong name, and the judge didn’t notice. What steps can I take in this situation?

RJ Says:

Navigating through these challenging legal waters requires a careful approach, especially when dealing with contempt and spousal support issues. Understanding the specifics of the court order in place is crucial. If your ex-spouse was found in contempt and the ‘purge payment’ he presented didn’t result in you receiving the funds due to the incorrect naming, it’s imperative to bring this to your judge’s attention.

There are several strategies to address this oversight. A well-crafted demand letter from an experienced attorney might prompt your ex to correct his mistake and fulfill his financial obligations. Engaging a qualified family law attorney is essential to evaluate your options and strategically advance your case.

Most family law attorneys, including myself, offer free initial consultations lasting about 30 minutes. This is an ideal setting to discuss the details of your case and formulate an effective plan. I strongly recommend scheduling this consultation promptly to address the matter efficiently and assert your rights.

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