As an Aunt, Can I Get 3rd Party Visitation or 3rd Party Custody?

As an Aunt, Can I Get 3rd Party Visitation or 3rd Party Custody?

The Question:

I’m seeking visitation of my niece and nephew. I have not seen them in almost 12 months, and I’m beginning to feel worried. Their mother is a known drug addict whose partner is a dealer. They can’t officially establish who my niece’s father is (I assume it is my brother, as it has been for 8 years). I want to know those children are safe!

She had another baby and had since dropped off the face of the earth!

The last time I heard from them her brother was physically abusing her son, and he was VERY underweight.
I need advice because I am not afraid to face her, unlike my brother. As a mother, I know what is best for a child and she is not it.

What can I do?

RJ Says:

As an aunt, your rights are limited. If you could convince your brother to come to see me, he may have a better chance. Or even your parents.


Have you ever cared for the children for any period of time?

You may be able to pursue your options for 3rd party visitation or 3rd party custody. This is obviously a very important matter, and you should not go in alone.

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