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Can I get child support arrears dismissed?

The Question:

I have a daunting child support bill that I will keep me from ever having a life or freedom. I was 17 when I got my girlfriend pregnant. I came home one day and she was gone with my daughter. Than a month or so the papers came in from the courts that she filed for child support. I have paid child support for years. A time came that I lost my job and went through a very hardships and illnesses. My mother took care of me for those 3 years. I wanted to get a passport but was denied, was told because of child support said with interest was over $100,000.over. What can I do to erase this part or the whole debt. That was a mistake from my youth. I need answers and help. I need to get my life back.

RJ Says:

You should seek a hearing from the Court to determine EXACTLY what your total child support obligation is.  The records held by other agencies are often wrong. Also, you can seek to have a reasonable and affordable payment plan entered to pay off the legitimate arrears.  In doing so, you can then request that any travel restrictions be lifted.

Would Mom be willing to waive any or all of the arrears?  If so, we can bind her (and the State of Arizona) to that waiver (so long as the State itself is not owed any money).

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