Do We Have Rights With Our Granddaughters?

Do We Have Rights With Our Granddaughters?

The Question:

We are very concerned about 2 granddaughters living with our daughter and stepdad.  We have been actively involved in ALL of the girls’ lives and helped raise them (or raised them).  She was not married to either girl’s dad.  Now, since meeting a new man, she won’t let us see the girls or contact them and won’t let them contact us, took away all their contact to the outside world, took us off emergency school contact for the first time ever.   We worry for their safety as well.  This man is extremely controlling.

RJ Says:

You do have rights in Arizona.  First, the Court may grant reasonable visitation rights on a finding that the visitation rights would be in the best interests of the child AND if any of the following are true:

*    The marriage of the parents of the child has been dissolved for at least three months.

*    A parent of the child has been deceased or has been missing

You may ALSO have the right to seek temporary or permanent custody if we can convince the Court that:

*    you stand “in loco parentis” to the child.

*    It would be significantly detrimental to the child to remain or be placed in the custody of either of the child’s living legal parents who wish to retain or obtain custody.

I WOULD NEED TO KNOW MORE to determine what manner of rights you can pursue.

If you believe your grandchild may be harmed, then you also have the right to seek emergency orders.

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