Ending Child Support in Arizona: How to Navigate Termination as Your Child Turns 18

Ending Child Support in Arizona: How to Navigate Termination as Your Child Turns 18

The Question:

How do I obtain a statement stating that I no longer need to pay Child Support once my children turn 18?

RJ Says:

To address your concern regarding the termination of child support payments once your child reaches 18, it’s essential to examine your current child support order closely. This order should specify a termination date, as child support obligations in Arizona extend until the child’s 18th birthday or high school graduation, whichever occurs later, but not beyond the age of 19.

If you have multiple children covered under the order, you’ll need to actively seek modification of your child support obligations as each older child reaches the age of emancipation. This adjustment will not occur automatically. It’s important to act promptly because Arizona law does not allow for retroactive modifications to child support.

As your youngest child nears the age of emancipation, if your existing child support order lacks a specific termination date and your payments are being garnished from your wages, you must file a motion to terminate the current income withholding order. This process can be simplified if your former spouse agrees to cooperate by stipulating to the termination.

Consulting with a seasoned family law attorney is advisable to explore your options and devise a strategy to achieve your goals. Many attorneys, myself included, offer complimentary initial consultations lasting half an hour. This consultation provides a valuable opportunity to discuss the particulars of your situation in depth and formulate a comprehensive plan. I strongly recommend swiftly arranging your free consultation.

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