Injunction Against Harassment by Neighbor - RJ Peters

Harassment by My Out of Control Neighbor

The Question:

Many, many problems with my next door neighbor. Situation is out of control and I fear for our lives. My mother is 77 and lives with me. I don’t want what remains of her life to be lived in fear. Once my neighbor found out who I voted for United States President – the harassment HAS NEVER STOPPED. PLEASE – I BEG YOU TO HELP US. What can we do?

RJ Says:

I can certainly help.  However, I do not think that an Order of Protection is appropriate, because there must be some sort of family relationship to apply for such.  Instead, we would seek an Injunction Against Harassment. 

We must allege (1) a series of acts over any period of time, (2) that is directed at a specific person (3) that would cause a reasonable person to be seriously alarmed, annoyed or harassed (4) and the conduct in fact seriously alarms, annoys or harasses the person (5) and serves no legitimate purpose.  The resulting order would prohibit any contact, and any violation could result in the Defendant’s arrest.

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