How can i modify my arrears monthly payment for child support?

How can I modify my arrears monthly payment for child support?

The Question:

I owe about 50,000 in arrears for child support and make a monthly payment of 800.  I have a second child now and cannot afford such a high payment. How can I lower the payment or remove the arrears and start a fresh child support agreement?

RJ Says:

Is there any chance Mom would AGREE to drop the arrears? If so, and if none of the arrears are owed to the State, I can bind her to this agreement. IF she will not, then there is no step I can take to make the arrears go away UNLESS there is some miscalculation or error of law in establishing them that can be addressed. I would need to know so much more to assess this possibility.

OTHERWISE, you CAN seek to lower your monthly payment by filing a Petition to Modify Income Withholding Order. While this process would not lower your total amount owed, it may at least result in a lower monthly payment.

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