How do I modify child support after my child graduates?

How do I modify child support after my child graduates?

The Question:

Where has my money gone to? Have I not been paying my arrears? I have been getting garnished for my two kids through the state of AZ. However, oldest son graduated high school in May 2020.  Nonetheless, to this date, I am still getting garnished.  When I spoke with DCSS today they said that regardless of his age now, the garnishment amount will not change unless I modify. Is this true? Also if it is not, where has all of the money gone to?

RJ Says:

If you still have a minor child that you are paying support for, you must file a Petition to Modify Child Support right away.  Try to file and serve her in December.  Please remember that Arizona does not allow retroactive child support modifications.  So, if you believe you are entitled to a modification, you need to file soon.  Every month you wait is a month you lose.   Arizona does have a “Simplified Procedure” to modify child support when that is the only issue.  You may use this procedure so long as the resulting order varies 15% or more from the existing amount ordered.  If the requested modification is disputed, the other parent must request a hearing.  If no hearing is requested within the time allowed, the Court will review your request and enter an appropriate order or set the matter for hearing.

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