How do I notify the courts about the father's new income?

How do I notify the courts about the father’s new income?

The Question: 

I have a child support case where my kids’ father has not reported his new income. How do I notify the courts?

When our case was done in court in 2014, he was assigned minimum wage. He has now been working for over a year, and by the slip of his tongue, told me how much he made.   Turns out it was more than me. For 2 kids, I only receive 300 a month, when he decides to pay. I tried calling the courts to let them know that he is working but he told me I needed his employee information and other information that I did not have. Is there another way to go about having this reported ?

 RJ Says:

Simply reporting his income is NOT enough.  I would advise that YOU YOURSELF file to MODIFY child support based upon his increased income.  I am sorry to say we cannot go backwards.  Arizona does not allow retroactive child support modifications.  So, if you believe you are entitled to a modification, you need to file soon.  Every month you wait is a month you lose.  If we FILE in June, and get him SERVED in June, the new child support figure, once it is established, will be backdated to July 1, 2019.  Arizona even has a method for a “simplified modification of child support”.

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