Petition for Conciliation

My wife put a protection order against me. What can I do?

The Question:

My wife put a protection order against me. What can I do? After thinking that I was trying to save my marriage my wife put a protection order against me when we were fight. I was served with it today. I’ve been trying to fix our marriage and have even done everything my wife has asked me to do.

RJ Says:

You have options.

FIRST, you still can fight to save your marriage. We can file a “Petition for Conciliation” which then requires both parties to attend at least one counseling conference. The focus of this brief conference is to assist both of you in making an informed and thoughtful decision regarding your marriage. Upon completion of the conference, you MAY be referred to community-based services for further assistance if you BOTH indicate such an interest.

The conference is conducted by a trained marriage professional. During the process, no coercion is used to try to force reconciliation. If your Wife does not indicate such an interest, the session would end.

BUT, ONE BENEFIT is that we can file such a Petition even BEFORE anyone files for Divorce. Once a Petition for Conciliation has been accepted neither party may file for legal separation or dissolution for a period of 60 days. SO, it can slow a spouse from filing hastily.

SECOND, you of course can request a hearing on the order of Protection if you do not believe such is warranted. I would need to know more to assess the likelihood of such being upheld or dismissed. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you abide by the Order of Protection while it remains in effect. Do not allow her to “invite” you violate it, as you will be the one in jail if law enforcement is called.

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