Served Divorce Papers in Mexico

Serving divorce papers to a spouse in Mexico

The Question:

I am having the same issue service – my spouse – as she resides in Mexico. I have filed as of January and my time for service is narrowing. Can you help and how much would it cost?

RJ Says:

While I cannot assist in getting him served in Mexico, I can take other steps to help get you single:

  1. We can file a motion asking for alternative service, whether through FedEx, or via email to someone he knows, etc.   I would need to know much more from you to determine all of the methods that we might propose to our Judge that might result in actual service.
  2. There’s also a rule in Arizona that allows you to get single even if we cannot have him served, but that process does have limitations, which we would need to discuss. Ultimately though you are allowed to at least get single even if we cannot get him served.

I generally ask for a 10-hour advance fee deposit, and I work at $350.00 per hour. Please remember that this is just a prepayment of time, and is and is not an estimate of what your case might cost. If I am able to finish for less than 10 hours, then I owe you a refund. I do not keep what I have not earned.

Please let me know if you would like to discuss my representation further.  We can schedule a free half-hour consultation.

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