Spousal Support in Arizona: How to Determine Fair Alimony

Spousal Support in Arizona: How to Determine Fair Alimony

In the realm of divorce and family law, spousal maintenance—commonly referred to as alimony—is a topic that demands careful consideration and understanding. In Arizona, this aspect of divorce proceedings is governed by one specific statute, and, most recently, by newly adopted guidelines that aim to streamline the process and provide some uniformity in its application.  As a dedicated family law attorney, my goal is to demystify these regulations and provide clarity to those navigating the complexities of spousal support.

The Legal Framework for Spousal Maintenance

Arizona law, particularly ARS 25-319, outlines the criteria and process for determining eligibility for spousal maintenance. This is a two-step process that first requires an individual to qualify for maintenance under certain conditions, followed by an assessment of various factors to determine the amount and duration of support.

Qualification Criteria:

To qualify for spousal maintenance, one must clear the initial hurdle by proving one of the following scenarios:

  • The marriage was of long duration, and one is at an age or condition where self-support through appropriate employment is not possible.
  • Regardless of marriage duration, one has custody of children so young or with conditions that self-support is unfeasible.
  • One cannot meet their reasonable needs through prospective earnings, taking into account the lifestyle accustomed to during the marriage.

Understanding the Amount and Duration of Support

Once eligibility is established, the court considers several factors to decide the maintenance amount and period. Traditionally, these factors included the ages and health conditions of both parties, the length of the marriage, each party’s contribution to the other’s earnings, and the sacrifices one spouse made to benefit the other’s career or earning capacity. The court also examines both parties’ incomes, their ability to self-support, and their budgets. There are also other considerations which may apply.  

With the introduction of the new guidelines, the process incorporates additional criteria, such as mortgage payments and the specific financial needs of each party. These guidelines aim to bring a more formulaic approach to determining spousal maintenance, potentially making outcomes more predictable.

The Impact of New Guidelines

As the legal community adapts to these guidelines, it’s essential to recognize that they represent a significant shift in how spousal maintenance is calculated in Arizona. These changes necessitate a fresh understanding of the process, for which I am actively preparing by engaging in educational opportunities to best serve my clients.

Key Considerations:

  • The guidelines introduce a structured approach to calculating maintenance, focusing on specific financial criteria.
  • Understanding these guidelines is crucial for accurately assessing spousal maintenance rights and obligations.

Moving Forward with Your Spousal Maintenance Case

Navigating spousal maintenance requires a nuanced understanding of Arizona law and the latest judicial guidelines. For those facing divorce, it’s critical to approach spousal maintenance with a comprehensive strategy that considers all legal criteria and personal circumstances. Here are key steps to ensure a fair and equitable determination of spousal maintenance:

  • Assess Qualification: Thoroughly evaluate your situation against the statutory criteria to determine eligibility.
  • Understand the Factors: Familiarize yourself with the factors the court will consider in determining the amount and duration of maintenance.
  • Stay Informed: Keep abreast of the latest guidelines and how they may impact your case.


Spousal maintenance is a complex but crucial aspect of divorce proceedings in Arizona. With the introduction of new guidelines, understanding the intricacies of how maintenance is determined has never been more important. As your advocate, I am committed to navigating these waters, ensuring you are fully informed and confidently prepared to address spousal maintenance in your divorce proceedings. Remember, every case is unique, and seeking professional legal advice is paramount in achieving a fair outcome.

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