Emancipation after divorce in Arizona for 16-year-old - RJ Peters

What are my best chances in getting emancipated?

The Question:

What are my best chances in getting emancipated?  I am currently 16, I will be 17 in December. I want to emancipate because I have experience too much with my mom to where it has been emotional abuse and physical abuse. She has always put me down in the way I look, to always influencing me that my opinion does not matter in the household. She has always shown to me that she puts my others siblings first. Her way of being did not change until I told her I would be filing for emancipation, but she didn’t last with her change it only lasted a few days. Ever since then her threats have been worse and worse. I live at home with her, but I do not feel safe or comfortable nor at ease like I should in my home. I do not have privacy, freedom nor do I feel healthy being there. I don’t have privacy because if I’m in school, work, or asleep she will go in my room and start looking through things to who knows what she’s looking for. I do not have freedom because I cannot even go out with friends because she starts to say she doesn’t like them or I just can’t go out and makes up an excuse. I have a job, I receive social security from my deceased father, and I go to school, which I have a permanent ride to go every day.

RJ Says:

You are permitted to file RIGHT NOW (because you have to be at least 16).  If you send me your email, I can send you a pamphlet prepared by the state of Arizona which explains Emancipation in Arizona. 

From what you have described, I LIKE your chances. In your Petition, we must allege that:

  • You are or can be self-sufficient financially, or prove other means of support.
  • You can manage your own personal and social affairs, including proof of housing.
  • You have the ability to live wholly independent of your Mother.
  • You have the ability and commitment to maintain education, vocational training or employment.
  • You have the ability to obtain or maintain health care.
  • Unless you have already been on your own for at least 3 months, WHY YOU BELIEVE Mother’s home is not a healthy or safe environment.

A qualified and experienced family law attorney can of course assist you in considering your options and then getting where you need to be. Most of us offer free, ½ hour consultations, in which your matter can be discussed in detail. That would be a great opportunity to discuss the specifics of your matter and develop a plan.  I would encourage you to quickly schedule this free consultation.

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