What happens at the first child custody hearing in AZ?

What happens at the first child custody hearing in AZ?

The Question:

What happens at the first hearing in AZ?

I just opened a case for temporary custody/parenting time in Phx, AZ. I have my case number and the judge set a date for a first hearing next month. I was told that no orders would be made at this hearing as it is only to assess my case. I am not sure I completely understand so I am wondering what this hearing is for and what happens? My attendance is not required at this hearing. Please explain, thanks!

RJ Says:

It would be a little dangerous for me to answer without seeing the Order to Appear. With that, I can give you more specific advice. BUT, if it is a “Resolution Management Conference”, with no evidence being presented, then I typically describe this as “a hearing to decide when the real hearing will be”.  A Resolution Management Conference is a time for the Court to meet with both parties, determine what issues are present, discuss what Court services may be necessary or helpful (including Parenting Conference, Mediation, or Alternative Dispute Resolution etc.) and will ultimately result in the Court scheduling another hearing of some kind.

I am concerned about your statement that your attendance is not required. Do you mean you are appearing by phone? You of course must attend (in person or by phone) any of your own hearings.

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