Navigating your Family Court matter during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Our team at RJ Peters & Assoc. is taking the coronavirus pandemic very seriously. Every one of us is experiencing unprecedented challenges in both our personal and professional lives. We understand that going through a difficult Family Court matter at the same time just adds to the apprehension. We consider it crucial to do our part to keep our employees and our clients healthy while ensuring continuity of operations during this new reality.

Therefore, following CDC guidelines, we have opted on a temporary basis to have our attorneys and our staff work remotely.

We do so with full confidence that we can continue to serve your needs with the highest level of client service, aggressively and promptly. Our phones will still be answered during normal work hours. Our attorneys and staff will still be responding to emails promptly. Our team will alternate days in the office to process all mail and then scan to the respective attorney for prompt handling remotely. We fully expect and are committed to “business-as-usual”, minus in-office meetings. While there may a need to get your signatures notarized in person on some important documents, our action plan is designed to help you cut down on unnecessary exposure to the coronavirus.

As of now, the Maricopa County Superior Court System is still operational. We are monitoring their announcements daily. You can also do so here:

We are keeping track of whether our courts are slowing down or shutting down and will update all of our clients accordingly. We do know that the Court is taking measures to provide for remote participation in court proceedings whenever possible. However, “all court proceedings will continue, with the implementation of additional safety procedures to protect human health until further notice”.

If you are a current client with an active case, including an upcoming court case, please reach out to your attorney. Court operations are rapidly changing.

If you are not yet a client, but have a Family Court question or need, please email or call soon. We remain capable and ready to assist you with your Family Court needs. We offer free ½ hour consultations, in which we can discuss your matter in detail by phone, Facetime, Skype, Google Duo, or something similar that meets your needs. Please call our office, or email my paralegal, Jerica to schedule your free ½ hour consultation.

Also, please do your part. Please see the CDC guidance at Flatten the Curve.