Annulment of Marriage

In the annulment of marriage, the court declares that the couple was never legally married. This is not about regret; it is about a marriage based on fraud or incapacity. If you have questions about whether your marriage qualifies for an annulment, talk to a family law attorney at the R. J. Peters & Associates law firm in Phoenix, Arizona.

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What are the requirements for obtaining an annulment?

Generally the basis for granting an annulment of a marriage is fraud, misrepresentation or incapacity (mental inability to agree to a marriage). Fraud or misrepresentation can include bigamy, concealment of a criminal past or concealment of a communicable disease. Talk to an experienced lawyer about whether you have grounds for an annulment.

What is the legal effect of an annulment?

An annulment returns both parties to the legal and financial condition they were in prior to the marriage — generally as if they had never been married. An annulment can therefore result in a significantly different allocation of property and debts in some circumstances, and therefore can sometimes be quite favorable to pursue rather than divorce.

Why file for an annulment?

Filing for an annulment of marriage, as opposed to filing for divorce, is normally done for financial or religious reasons.

What other issues can be decided in an annulment?

Even if the marriage was invalid or void, for whatever reason, there still may be the need to enter orders related to custody/visitation, child support, division of property and debt, and any other relevant issues. Talk to a family law attorney about how an annulment would affect you.

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